ChoicePoint, a Rehabilitation facility for addiction treatment, is Equipped with DEA-certified practitioners and personalized addiction treatment programs to assist your recovery journey to the ultimate levels of sobriety.

Are you or a loved-one suffering from addiction?

New York, a city with the busiest life and many skyscrapers, needs a break from the addiction epidemic. Therefore, ChoicePoint offers personalized addiction treatment to those who cannot reach sobriety. We serve 24/7 to help you fight back against addiction in New York!

Everything about ChoicePoint is great, including what it stands for. The dedication to helping people like me and others who need it is beyond amazing! I don’t know where else to go, but I recommend ChoicePoint!

-A Beloved ChoicePoint Alumina

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Facility Near New York State

According to reports, 2,668 New Yorkers died of substance overdose in 2021. Substance abuse, if not controlled timely can lead to fatal consequences. To avoid this, we offer different types of substance abuse treatments to assist your withdrawal and give you a clean, healthy life, including:

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Addiction Treatment Programs That ChoicePoint Offers For New York Residents

At ChoicePoint Rehab facility, the residents of New York can experience lifetime abstinence and care. Our addiction treatments are programmed in a structured way following:

Medically Managed Detox

Detox is the first step before beginning treatment that involves removing toxins of substances used in the past and clearing the body of any harmful substances that may interfere with medications or cause side effects. Our Detox at ChoicePoint is aimed at:

  • Managing withdrawal symptoms during Detox through medications
  • Freeing the body of substance dependence both physically and mentally
  • Minimizing physical harm to prevent fatal consequences

Phases of Detox

We comply with research practices to provide detox by


We will take history, medical examination, blood testing, and addiction assessments.


Starts with withdrawing intoxication through physical and psychosocial procedures. Medications may be administered under certified practitioners to achieve a substance-free state.

Fostering treatment

It involves continued care and coaxing a person to stay committed to a comprehensive addiction treatment for long-term sobriety. A contract may be signed so that patients remain committed to their recovery treatment.

Detox Based on Levels of Care

Detox can be provided in several different levels of care as defined by ASAM criteria of addiction treatment:

Prevention/Early Intervention

Suppose someone is at the onset of developing an addiction to a substance. In that case, we clinically guide them through to prevent further loss and stop the worsening situation with our 24/7 consultation experts. This is best suited in both the early stages of addiction and preventing relapse after recovery.

Intensive Outpatient

For people having intense addiction disorders, our intensive outpatient treatment focuses on providing extra care with prolonged treatment sessions. Patients can still go home at night to be with their families, but our staff will monitor extra precautions in providing abstinence.


If a person cannot leave their job/social life but also suffers from a low to moderate level of addiction, they should join our outpatient treatment program. It is the most convenient form of addiction treatment, with personalized scheduling and options to manage your spare time for treatment.

Are you or a loved-one suffering from addiction?

Virtual Treatment Program

Physical impairment, social anxiety, or a busy work life sometimes hampers a person from getting addiction treatment. For these conditions, our telehealth treatment program provides 24/7 virtual assistance to let you achieve sobriety most suitably. Moreover, it is the most convenient form of program to get

 Virtual treatment programs allow you to achieve a sober life without the deadlocks of time, over-priced treatment plans, and commuting issues.

Same-day Medication-assisted Treatment Prescriptions

During detoxification, our addiction treatment protocols dispense FDA-approved medications under DEA-certified practitioner supervision to assist withdrawal, prevent relapse, and remove dependence on substances completely.

In our medication-assisted treatment program, we offer the following prescriptions.

These medications are not given in the combined form. Instead, it depends on the type of substance and severity of the issue.

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and mental disorders, i.e., anxiety and depression, often come side by side. More than 37% of adults with substance use disorder in the U.S., also suffer from mental disorders. And around 23% of these patients didn’t know where to go for treatment. Our dual diagnosis provides the perfect treatment for co-occurring disorders simultaneously. 

Addiction Therapies

Counseling is the most important aspect of any successful addiction treatment. In our dual diagnosis, we apply the following research-oriented therapies:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Type of talk therapy to convert your negative and suicidal thinking into a positive and stress-tolerant mindset.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Based on (CBT), DBT alleviates your heightened emotions due to substance use and normalizes brain functioning through a coping skillset.

Individual/ Group Therapy

Aims to build personality and remove social anxiety through one-on-one and peer support sessions. It also provides a quick insight into the person concerned about changing their behavior into a socially acceptable personality.

Family Therapy

Addiction often leads to impaired familial relationships and seclusion from home. Our family therapy involves a person’s family for counseling through a psychologist to mend ties with their struggling partner and normalize family life after recovery.

Relapse Preventive Aftercare

To sustain sobriety and help a person prevent relapse, our aftercare plan seeks cognitive therapy guidance to 

  • Improve mental character
  • Stop potential triggers
  • Teach coping skills 
  • Regular therapy sessions to keep a progress record

The aftercare plan also includes nutritional and co-curricular activities so a person can completely recover and maintain a permanent healthy lifestyle after the recovery process.

Why ChoicePoint?

ChoicePoint is accepting New York residents seeking addiction treatment at our New Jersey rehab facility to provide them with a lifetime experience of sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. We watch every odd that may interfere with your smooth recovery pathway. In addition to holistic treatment, we offer

So that you don’t feel any hurdle in getting the exact treatment of recovery you want! Fill out this form to verify your insurance, or call 844.445.2565 to discuss your treatment options.


Common FAQs

Do I need To continue after my treatment is completed?

A good rehab after treatment always offers an aftercare plan to monitor your progress and address any history of substance use so that relapse may be prevented and recovery is maintained.

What If I detox at home without clinical guidance?

Quitting substances at once without clinical guidance and medications can bear fatal consequences. Therefore, joining a rehab where skilled professionals monitor your recovery is always advised.

Does exercise play a role in addiction treatment?

Co-curricular activities such as yoga, swimming, gym, running, etc., improve your physical strength and release hormones that fight back against substance dependence psychologically and physically.

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Journey Toward Sobriety!

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