You are not alone if addiction is gripping your life and making it miserable. More than 23 million Americans share the same struggle. The fourth wave of the opioid crisis is affecting many communities nationwide. Every day, the upsetting news of overdose deaths makes headlines. To break the spell of addiction, seeking transformative medical care like inpatient treatment is necessary. Inpatient treatment is the most popular form of care that addresses addiction multi-dimensionally. 

ChoicePoint is a leading provider of inpatient care. For addiction support, call 844.445.2565 or fill out this form. 


What to Expect in an Inpatient Treatment Program

An inpatient treatment program provides around-the-clock services to patients for a decided period. The inpatient program offers all services intended to address addiction and mental illnesses. 

Types of Services at Inpatient Rehab

ChoicePoint offers all sorts of treatments ranging from detox to aftercare. Our treatment aims to take the patient’s hand and lead them through the process of long-term recovery. 

Medically Executed Detox

Medical detox services entail safely managing withdrawal symptoms via medication. With appropriate tools in place, our certified practitioners will:

  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Manage body aches and other such symptoms
  • Supervise the patient constantly
  • Dispense tailored care
  • Help with substance cravings

Detox is carried out after the initial consultation with the primary caregiver. This stabilizes patient’s condition to prepare them for other treatments. 

FDA-Approved MAT Program

The medication-assisted treatment program is a comprehensive treatment approved by the FDA which pertains to treatment through medications. Medications play a major role in alleviating withdrawal symptoms, including recurrent drug intake urges. ChoicePoint’s MAT includes the following medications:

These medications are used to treat opioid use and alcohol use disorder. We consider MAT a crucial part of the whole recovery process. 

Efficacious Therapies

ChoicePoint offers effective therapies as part of the inpatient treatment program. Therapies like CBT are effective even as monotherapy. However, we offer an all-encompassing approach, thereby incorporating therapy as an indispensable part of the treatment. We personalized treatment for every patient, which is why there is a diverse range of therapies:

Co-morbidity Treatment

With addiction comes a range of different types of mental illnesses. To holistically approach co-morbidity, you can undergo a dual diagnosis treatment program to simultaneously address mental health issues and addiction. 

Our experienced counselors approach substance use disorders with empathy, which is why therapies are our strongest suit. We provide free addiction evaluation! Click this quiz to see the severity of your addiction. For more information, call 844.445.2565 or fill out this form. 


Caregivers at ChoicePoint

We have onboarded the best of the lot!

Our caregivers have the same goal: giving the best medical care to the patients. Our staff includes:

  • DEA-certified practitioners
  • Clinicians
  • LAC/LCSW certified therapists
  • Registered Nurses

ChoicePoint takes pride in having the right people on board who are committed to administering patient-centric addiction treatments.


Insurance Policy at ChoicePoint

Our inpatient treatment program is covered by insurance! ChoicePoint has you covered, whether Medicaid, Medicare, or any other fancy insurance sponsor. Depending on your insurance plans, we may offer:

  • Payment plans for additional costs
  • Private pay rate with month-to-month payment options

Our insurance policy is all-inclusive. You can handle whether your insurance will be accepted. You would need to verify your insurance.

For more queries regarding insurance, contact us at 844.445.2565 or fill out this form to have us reach out to you. 

Cost of Addiction Treatment

We Accept Most Insurance Programs Including Tricare.

Other Perks of our Inpatient Treatment Program

Our inpatient treatment aims to ensure the patients are prioritized at the facility.

We are HIPAA-compliant

We strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations and ensure nobody is privy to the patient’s data. Your data is secure with us! Our medical records are in the safest hands, and we take necessary measures to protect them! 

We Offer Personalized Treatments

ChoicePoint offers personalized treatments that are tailored to an individual’s needs. Since every person is unique, their addiction will manifest differently, too. Therefore, we offer a custom-made plan to each patient for desired outcomes. 

We Have Targeted Treatment in Place

We also offer niche-specific treatment plans that cater to a certain population. These are:

These programs cater to the pain points of the individuals who have had shared experiences. Call ChoicePoint at 844.445.2565 to book a consultation with us. You can also enter your information here. 


Getting admitted to Our Inpatient Treatment Program

The process of getting admission to our rehab is quite easy. Here are some very simple steps for getting your treatment started:

Step 1: Contact us at 844.445.2565 or fill out this form to book an appointment.

Step 2: Give appropriate medical history to the specialist

Step 3: Verify your insurance

Step 4: Review the treatment plan devised by the practitioner and the cost

Step 5: Take the treatment with us!

Our Success Stories

There is no success bigger than seeing your patients lead a healthy life! Here are some reviews by our patients:

“ChoicePoint is a thorough, professionally run addiction program. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. My counselor was a joy to work with…friendly and open, yet performed her job with professional toughness. The group and individual sessions were extremely helpful and went beyond a standard addiction process. I would recommend this facility to everyone, especially those with less than good experience elsewhere.”

Another patient said:

“Samantha Socarras has helped me recognize how important self-care is. She gave me the opportunity to reflect as well as gave me valuable feedback; I also felt really comfortable opening up to her. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me, and I’m a stronger and happier person thanks to her.”

Do you have an addiction problem? We have a solution; Call us at 844.445.2565 or reach out to us online.

Benefit from ChoicePoint’s Inpatient Treatment Program

You can have a comfortable recovery with the right levels of care and appropriate medical attention. By opting for an inpatient program, you can give yourself an excellent opportunity to combat addiction. The three main components of addiction treatment are available in our program:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): To address physical dependence on substances
  • Detox: Reduces withdrawal that can’t be managed otherwise
  • Behavioral Therapies: Aims to resolve mental dependence on substances

We also offer a range of different care structures. You can contact us at 844.445.2565 or fill out this form to understand the different types

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is Inpatient Rehab?

The length of stay at an inpatient rehab is determined by the severity of your addiction and the program you choose. You may stay at the rehab for a week to months. Some common inpatient rehab offerings are:

  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 30 days
  • 6 months 
  • A year

This is a decision you may take after consulting with an addiction specialist. Feel free to ask questions during your consultation so that the cost is determined beforehand.

How Much Rehab Will Insurance Cover?

Insurance coverage is determined by the type of insurance plan you have subscribed to. Rehab centers are mandated to cover some costs, regardless of the plan. For instance, a standard plan may include coverage of treatments six days per year, adding amenities. Rehab centers may charge extra for daily meals, room stays, etc. It is best to talk to a facility in your area to determine the cost and review your insurance plan. 

What Impacts the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Length of Stay?

The stay at an inpatient rehab is determined by insurance coverage, addiction severity, and your chosen inpatient treatment program. Inpatient rehab may cost more than other types of care, like outpatient or telehealth care. Some rehabs, like ChoicePoint, offer payment plans if you cannot make payments upfront.

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