Benefits of Referring a Patient to ChoicePoint

In addition to flexibility and convenience, all our addiction treatment programs are covered by insurance. 

Finances will never be a barrier during the course of treatment. In addition to this, we follow complete ethical guidelines to ensure confidentiality. 

More of the benefits include:

No communication gap

Easy referral procedure

Cost-Effective Treatment Options

Monthly Follow up Reports

Signs To Consider Referring a Patient

If your client or someone you know is having these signs, you should consider referring them to ChoicePoint for treatment.

  • A patient withdraws from social events and activities
  • A patient ignores controlled substance policy 
  • Work performance of a person is continuously declining
  • Binge drinking even during working hours
  • Displaying aggressive behavior 
  • Mood swings or panic attacks
  • A person asks for help

If you are still unsure, you can share our free addiction assessment form with your loved ones to see if they are suffering from addiction.

Why Refer a Patient to ChoicePoint?

ChoicePoint cares about your clients as much as you do. 

We aim to provide flexible, cost-effective, and patient-friendly addiction treatments plans that may help you recover. 

Our virtual addiction treatment plans can be completed online from any location.

We offer the following programs to help potential patients recover from:

If you know someone who requires immediate help, please reach out to us. 

Avail ChoicePoint Referral Partners Program in NJ 

With our collaborative and cooperative approach, we leave no stone unturned for a smooth registration and referral process. 

Our registration process is simple and quick. Through our telehealth addiction treatment programs, we can begin your recovery from day one. 

 You can also visit our NJ addiction treatment center for outpatient and in-person treatments. 

Both medical and administrative teams follow strict ethical guidelines to ensure quality treatment for all. We formulate personalized treatment for every client.