ChoicePoint is one of the few rehabilitation centers that offers personalized addiction treatment plans with psychological counseling for an everlasting experience of sober living for the residents of Pennsylvania.

Are you or a loved-one suffering from addiction?

Addiction recovery is a challenging path to follow. Still, with ChoicePoint’s research-oriented and result-driven treatment plans, patients can cover the roads of recovery by leaps and bounds. We leave no stones unturned to help an individual, live a substance-free life teeming with health.

The staff and support here are nothing short of the best, and the technology they’ve incorporated into their program is raising the bar for treatment services moving forward. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction.

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Substance Abuse Disorders In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, famous for its Declaration of Independence, struggles with fatal addiction problems where only in Philadelphia, 1276 lives were lost due to unintentional fatal overdoses in 2021. To curb that, our clinic offers the following treatment programs

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ChoicePoint’s Addiction Treatment Programs in Pennsylvania

At ChoicePoint, We carefully evaluate a person and provide the following structured addiction treatment programs;

a. Medical Detox

Detox involves clearing the body out of any toxication of the substance previously used. Our facility performs this following the research-oriented plan in three steps:


At this, we’ll perform

  • Drug testing, assessments, and history taking to check the severity of the condition
  • Comprehensive physical, psychological, and social assessments to provide the necessary level of medical detox


After comprehensive evaluation, the next step in our detox includes:

  • Starting withdrawal of substance by thorough medical and psychosocial procedures
  • Assisting alleviation of withdrawal symptoms by the use of medications

In brief, we’ll familiarize the patient with what’s what so that treatment can be smoothly performed

Fostering Treatment

In the last step of detox, our practitioners will

  • Make sure the person is ready to enter substance abuse treatment
  • Take family and loved ones into account to assist in therapy if required
  • Sign a formal document, not legally binding, to commit to the treatment

Our expert staff will perform these detox steps with great compassion and understanding. So let’s begin 844.445.2565. 

b. Online Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our practitioners and psychologists will manage substance use-related withdrawal symptoms during medication-assisted treatment through FDA-approved medications. We offer substance abuse treatment under the following prescription medications:

These medications are dispensed under DEA-certified practitioners and by the type of substance abuse treatment!

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c. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Most addiction cases involve one or two mental disorders, such as PTSD, Anxiety, and depression. For these co-occurring disorders, ChoicePoint in Pennsylvania offers dual diagnosis in which

  • Psychologists treat mental disorders with psychotherapies
  • Practitioners treat addiction disorders through rehab programs

Our dual diagnosis is an exceptional treatment plan focused on treating all factors of addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously.

d. Addiction therapies

For treating mental disorders and psychological dependence on drugs, we practice the following psychotherapies:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Talking-based therapy curbs the negative thoughts in one’s mind that drive them to abuse substances and change them into positive character-building patterns.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Based on (CBT) mainly deals with a person who has heightened emotional behavior. We coax people to accept their flaws and learn coping skills to prevent relapse through dialectical behaviorism.

Individual / Group therapy

Our treatment programs provide individual and group therapies to ensure personal development and improve social interaction. Through one-on-one and peer-to-peer sessions with the individual under consideration 

Family therapy

Addiction often comes with mishandled relationships with a person’s loved ones. Our family therapy focuses on reviving an individual’s relationships through counseling with their loved ones.

e. Aftercare Recovery

Addiction treatment is not merely practicing detox and medications. It requires a holistic approach to treatment through an aftercare plan that is aimed at providing:

  • Nutritional plan
  • Co-curricular activity plan
  • Time-to-time therapy sessions
  • Learning skills to prevent relapse and know potential triggers
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatment

Aftercare recovery is the most important element that prolongs addiction treatment and sober living for the rest of your life.

Are you or a loved-one suffering from addiction?

Levels of Care Offered

Our treatment is structured according to the feasibility and condition of the person seeking treatment we offer the following ASAM-oriented criteria for seeking addiction treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

Those facing moderate to severe level addiction but job or family commitments hamper them from getting hospitalized, can opt for our intensive outpatient treatment program. That includes frequent weekly therapy sessions according to one’s feasibility with 24/7 telehealth support.


Our outpatient treatment is best for those with low to moderate-level addiction problems who cannot spare time to cover it up. We offer personalized scheduling with 24/7 telehealth support to assist in a comprehensive recovery through outpatient.


Our telehealth treatment aims to provide virtual addiction treatment for those who are too shy to join a rehab center or incapable of joining one due to other commitments. With round-the-clock expert surveillance and guides, we offer virtual detox, counseling, and medication prescriptions.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Treatment plans should be tailored to one’s need for a better outcome and long-term recovery that is why our addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania offers specialized treatment programs that include

Get your personalized treatment from ChoicePoint today! Call 844.445.2565 to discuss options.


Get the Help You Deserve with ChoicePoint in Pennsylvania

Our Pennsylvania treatment center focuses on providing exceptional support and care to people struggling with addiction. We have tons of programs to achieve the desired outcomes for addiction treatment. Moreover, we offer various benefits, including.

So, verify your insurance, discuss your treatment requirements, and start today 844.445.2565

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common questions that you ask for addiction treatment

How long my addiction treatment will last?

It all depends on the individual’s need and condition, but as a rough estimate, addiction treatment can last between 30-90 days on average.

How would I know if I have an addiction?

There are certain things to consider for addiction:

  • You are completely dependent on substance
  • You have no control over the usage of substance
  • Your relationships, workplace, and social interaction are affected
  • You have got emotionally attached to your addiction culprit

How effective is addiction Treatment?

If the treatment is provided according to an individual’s need and the person in concern is committed to it. It can last a lifetime, but follow-up care is necessary to maintain long-term abstinence.

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