At our Fair Lawn, NJ, addiction treatment center, we offer a wide range of treatment programs both in-person and virtually. Our telehealth addiction treatment options allow clients to receive treatment wherever they are, whenever is most convenient for their schedule.

FairlawnWe offer a unique approach to addiction treatment. Outpatient programs allow clients to continue taking care of daily responsibilities and provide flexibility and convenience. In our programs, clients receive a targeted combination of medication, counseling, and medical support to achieve lasting sobriety. This approach also involves treatment for mental health issues at the same time as substance abuse issues, known as dual diagnosis treatment, or treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Medications like Suboxone and methadone can help curb cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms. Our addiction treatment specialists will prescribe medication as necessary for your unique needs.

Finally, ChoicePoint Fair Lawn creates a unique treatment plan for every individual in our care. From individual therapy sessions to family therapy and group meetings, you’ll discover how to live without drugs and alcohol. Long-term sobriety is possible. You can rebuild your life by reaching out to ChoicePoint Fair Lawn at 844.445.2563 today.

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