In 2010, the Affordable Healthcare Act mandated insurance companies to cover the treatment cost of substance abuse and mental health problems. Since then, insurance providers have been helping patients get timely addiction treatment. However, the exact amount of treatment coverage may depend upon certain factors that include but are not limited to:

Type of insurance program and plan you have

Your drug dependence level

Your location

Type of care you chose

It might be challenging for you to find the New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab centers near you that are in-network with insurance companies or accept health insurance. Are you having the same problem? Worry no more! ChoicePoint accepts all insurance programs so you can start the treatment without worrying about the cost. 

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes, health insurance programs usually cover substance abuse treatment. Before starting your treatment or going into a rehab center in New Jersey, connect with your provider to understand how much you have to pay out of pocket and what type of program is covered in your insurance plan. The other and simplest way to verify your insurance for addiction treatment and get the information you may need to start your recovery is by calling us at 844.445.2565.

Why Call Us to Verify Your Insurance?

Calling us to verify your insurance can save you time and the effort of going through hard-to-understand insurance documents. After insurance verification, we’ll help you choose the addiction treatment program that can best fit your needs. A personalized recovery plan will be developed based on your unique needs.

ChoicePoint Accepts Insurance Providers & Rehab Coverage 

Multiple insurance companies cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment in New Jersey. It may bother you to find rehab clinics near you that accept insurance plans. However, ChoicePoint accepts all commercial insurance providers. We aim to make addiction treatment accessible for all. We believe patients struggling with addiction should be given opportunities to get sober even if they don’t have money to cover the cost. 

If you are a resident of New Jersey and looking for addiction treatment centers that accept insurance, then look no further. ChoicePoint accepts the following insurance companies:

Do you have any of the above-mentioned insurance programs? Start your addiction recovery journey by calling us at 844.445.2565.

What Types of Rehab Does Insurance Cover?

The following alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in New Jersey are covered by health insurance. 

a) Outpatient

It works best for the people who need flexibility in addiction recovery programs. Flexibility means you don’t have to stay overnight at the rehab facility. Treatment and therapy sessions with addiction doctors will be scheduled based on your availability. This program can work best for people with jobs. Now, you may ask, is outpatient addiction treatment covered by insurance programs? The simple answer is yes. To learn more, feel free to call us at 844.445.2565.

b) Intensive Outpatient Program

It is more intensive than outpatient programs. IOP programs for alcohol and drug addiction treatment are covered by almost all insurance providers. To know how much your insurance can cover for the IOP program, call us at 844.445.2565.

c) Telehealth Addiction Program

Through virtual or telehealth addiction treatment programs in NJ, you can access the ChoicePoint personalized programs online at the comfort of your home. 

d) Detox Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction treatment starts from the detox. It helps patients cope with their withdrawal symptoms. Detox and medications prescribed during addiction recovery journeys are covered by health insurance programs. 

e) Dual Diagnosis Treatment

People struggling with both mental health and substance abuse problems need dual diagnosis treatment that includes addiction treatment therapies and medication-assisted treatment. All these programs are covered under insurance programs. 

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Without Insurance

The self-pay option is available for those who don’t have health insurance plans and want to get alcohol and drug rehab without insurance. At ChoicePoint, we accept commercial insurance and self-pay options.

How Do I Verify What My Insurance Will Cover?

Before starting the addiction treatment journey with ChoicePoint, you need to verify your insurance coverage:

1- Call us at 844.445.2565. On the call, our patient-friendly admission adviser will hear your story and help you choose the treatment that best fits your needs. Then, you just need to submit your information, and we’ll verify your insurance coverage over the phone.

2- Fill out this form, and we’ll let you know about your insurance coverage. 

Visit Our Facility


Visit Our Facility


Addiction Help Available 24/7

Addiction Help Available 24/7

Medical Disclaimer:

ChoicePoint aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues. Our team of licensed medical professionals research, edit and review the content before publishing. However, this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For medical advice please consult your physicians or ChoicePoint's qualified staff.

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