Non-12 Step Rehab

Why Choose Non-12 Step Rehab? 5 Reasons to Get You Started Non-12 step Rehab

To rid yourself or your loved ones of the malice of substance abuse or alcohol addiction, you should know about the best rehab treatment. A common choice is the 12 step rehab program, the model of treatment adopted by many treatment programs. However, with a wide range of options, let us discuss alternatives to 12…


Top 5 Relationship Consultants Share Top Three Tips for Dating a Recovering Alcoholic

Breaking a relationship due to substance use issues of a loved one is not always recommended. Remember, substance addiction is a disorder, not a choice. During the recovery process, your partners will need your support. But dating an alcoholic during recovery could be tricky.  At ChoicePoint, we understand your problems. That’s why we asked top-rated…

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Top 10 Musicians And Their Inspirational Songs To Help You In Recovery Journey

Music can help us cope with the difficult times of life. During addiction recovery, stress, depression, and cravings are common. But music with powerful lyrics can lessen stress, boost self-confidence, reduce the signs of depression and craving for drugs.  ChoicePoint understands the problems of people fighting with addiction and aiming for lifelong sobriety. So we…

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in NJ

Virtual Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in NJ: The New Normal for Addiction Treatment

The vast abundance and availability of drugs have dramatically increased the suffering of New Jersey residents in the last few years. This increase in substance abuse has created mental health issues at the same time. This brings into question the work ChoicePoint dual diagnosis treatment center NJ, is performing to curb the sickness of mental health…


Top 9 Psychologists Explain The Role Of Psychology In Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease of the mind, developed through a process that starts from appetitive behavior and ends with a destructive mindset, poor choices, and complete dependence on drugs.  To break the cycle of addiction, Psychology through its various pragmatic techniques can help people fighting with addiction understand the underlying causes of addiction, replace the…

Morphine Addiction Common Facts

7 Common Facts About Morphine Addiction People Usually Get Wrong

We often think prescription medicines are always safe to use, but you will be surprised to find out that Morphine addiction is ranked as the third leading cause of drug-related emergency admissions! Morphine is labeled as a schedule II controlled substance by FDA and DEA. And rightfully so, because even when taking recommended doses, Morphine…

Fentanyl Withdrawal Timeline

Fentanyl Withdrawal Timeline: Everything You Need to Know

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used in pain management. It is approximately 100 times more potent than Morphine! The United States government has now labeled Fentanyl as the next wave of the opioid crisis. It is one of the most abused opioid drugs and a significant contributor to opioid-related overdose deaths. If you want to…

What Are Naltrexone Vs Naloxone Main Differences?

Naloxone Vs Naltrexone: 3 Major Differences

Naltrexone and Naloxone are two critical drugs used in opioid addiction treatment. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts to control opioid addiction, the fatalities continue to rise.  According to a report, the United States witnessed a spike in drug abuse and drug overdose-related deaths with an alarming 35% increase in opioid-related deaths from the year 2019-2020.…

Is Alcohol a Drug? Find Out and Understand

Is Alcohol Considered a Drug? Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Did you know that alcohol is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States? Yes, Alcohol Abuse claims almost 260 lives per day! Hence, It is crucial for us to give you accurate information about is alcohol considered a drug and how it can lead to addiction.  The most common questions we stumble…

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

How to Manage Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

You may have been prescribed Klonopin by your doctor for anxiety or panic attack treatment. If you often take the medication, discontinuing it may be hard for you because of common and intense withdrawal symptoms associated with Klonopin. You are not the only victim of this drug. SAMHSA reports, more than 75,000 people were admitted…