5 stages of addiction

Early 5 Stages of Addiction Most People Tend to Ignore

Fighting addiction is hard, and recognizing that you are suffering from it is even more challenging. What starts as fun and intentionally ignoring the 5 stages of addiction may lead to an unfulfilled life.  It’s true that addiction can happen to anyone regardless of background, ethnicity, or social status. Falling prey to substance dependence might…

doctor showing how coronavirus is changing telehealth

How Coronavirus Is Changing Telehealth

The pandemic, which started in 2019 but really took hold throughout 2020, changed telehealth in a few specific ways. To start with, it made telehealth much more common and popular. People concerned about going to medical offices amidst the pandemic were able to schedule calls from the comfort of their homes. Patients could be screened…

professional explaining what you should look for in a medication assisted therapy program

What Should You Look for in a Medication-Assisted Therapy Program?

People who are concerned about addiction to opioids may benefit from the use of medication-assisted therapy. A medication-assisted treatment program reduces the likelihood of withdrawal symptoms, minimizes those that do occur, and positions a client in a way that they can begin seeking other therapies while cravings and withdrawal symptoms are controlled. A MAT program…

man showing what can addiction therapy do for you

What Can Addiction Therapy Do for You?

Addiction therapy is more than just getting a client off drugs or making them stop drinking alcohol. It’s a program that is aimed at ways to help them overcome cravings and mental health concerns that may lead them to relapse in the future. Rehabilitation programs at ChoicePoint include many forms, such as animal-assisted therapy, talk…

woman using a telehealth treatment program

Top 5 Benefits Of A Telehealth Treatment Program

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many changes in our world. One of these changes involves opening up opportunities for individuals to access addiction treatment programs using telehealth. It is an easy and efficient way of getting to talk to and work with your therapist from home. At ChoicePoint, we offer a comprehensive telehealth program…

man wondering where to find medication assisted treatment programs in new jersey

Where To Find Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs in New Jersey

For some individuals who are in recovery from substance abuse, addiction has left them unable to stop using while feeling overwhelmed. If you are in this situation, you might wonder if you can fully recover. Can you overcome the hurdles you’re facing? It’s possible to achieve lasting sobriety through professional help. For some people, that…