How to Detox From Cocaine Safely – An Ultimate Guide 2022

When learning about how to detox from cocaine safely, it is essential to rely only on authentic information. Detox is the most crucial step in managing cocaine addiction, as if not carried out correctly, the chances of relapse are high.   Through this blog, we will give you accurate and research-backed information about what cocaine is,…


Top Nutritionists Suggest 15 Superfoods to Eat During Addiction Recovery

Nutrients you have lost during alcohol and drug addiction need to be restored during recovery. A well-balanced diet along with a personalized addiction treatment plan can boost your energy, help you cope with drug cravings, and overcome addiction. Knowing the importance of nutrients for your physical and mental health during addiction recovery, ChoicePoint invited top-rated…


Follow These Top 9 Blogs in 2022 To Save Your Marriage From Addiction Side Effects

Indeed, addiction and a healthy marriage life can’t sustain long together. Alcohol and drug addiction create trust issues, conflicts, violence, and codependency that may lead to the emotional detachment from loved ones. Making a distance from your partner with an alcohol or drug addiction problem isn’t a solution. As a drug dependent, your partner needs emotional…

Gillian McKeith Shared Top Nutrition Tips to Boost Your Addiction Recovery Journey

Gillian Mckeith Shares Nutrition Tips To Boost Your Substance Abuse Recovery

Alcoholic addiction is usually either physiologically or psychologically dependent on alcohol – often, there is a combination of the two. Genetics and environmental factors can both play a part.    Symptoms May Include Drinking early in the day. Binge drinking. Drinking to avoid withdrawal symptoms. You are way above the recommended weekly unit intake for…

How to Find the Right Drug Near You?

Top 5 Ways to Find the Right Drug Rehab Near You

Recovery starts from the moment one realizes that they require treatment or rehabilitation. The next step is to find a rehab program that meets one’s needs. However, with so much information on the internet with different guidelines and suggestions, answering the simplest of questions such as what is the right drug rehab near me can…

Should You Go for Methadone Clinic or Suboxone to Fight Against Opioid?
ChoicePoint's MAT Clinic

Top 5 Medications Prescribed at MAT Clinics

Are you thinking about finding a MAT clinic, but you are hesitant to step into the unknown? Are you concerned about the effectiveness of the MAT program and the safety of medications prescribed? You may have so many questions, but the only question you should be asking yourself is, Are you ready to take your…

Non-12 Step Rehab

Why Choose Non-12 Step Rehab? 5 Reasons to Get You Started Non-12 step Rehab

To rid yourself or your loved ones of the malice of substance abuse or alcohol addiction, you should know about the best rehab treatment. A common choice is the 12 step rehab program, the model of treatment adopted by many treatment programs. However, with a wide range of options, let us discuss alternatives to 12…


Top 5 Relationship Consultants Share Top Three Tips for Dating a Recovering Alcoholic

Breaking a relationship due to substance use issues of a loved one is not always recommended. Remember, substance addiction is a disorder, not a choice. During the recovery process, your partners will need your support. But dating an alcoholic during recovery could be tricky.  At ChoicePoint, we understand your problems. That’s why we asked top-rated…

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Top 10 Musicians And Their Inspirational Songs To Help You In Recovery Journey

Music can help us cope with the difficult times of life. During addiction recovery, stress, depression, and cravings are common. But music with powerful lyrics can lessen stress, boost self-confidence, reduce the signs of depression and craving for drugs.  ChoicePoint understands the problems of people fighting with addiction and aiming for lifelong sobriety. So we…