Top 35 Parenting Experts to Follow in 2021

Did you know that The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 25% of kids in America grow up in an environment where substance addiction is present? There is no denying that parenting is hard. And even harder if you are struggling with substance abuse. But, let us assure you that you are already doing…

How to Quit Cocaine? Get Help

How to Quit Cocaine? 5 Effective Steps!

According to NIH, cocaine overdoses claimed more than 15,000 lives in 2019! These lives could have been saved with timely intervention and treatment. At ChoicePoint, we aim to help people recover from addiction, so they can start their journey towards a happy, prosperous, and addiction-free life. In this blog on how to quit cocaine, we…

How Long Is Rehab?

How Long Is Rehab? 5 Things to Expect During Rehab

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding rehabs. Most of these are assumed or learned from the experience of traditional, outdated rehab facilities. It is natural to feel intimidated by things you have never done before.  We know you are ready to change your life so don’t let any misconceptions hold you back. We understand…

Suboxone Doctors Near You

Suboxone Doctors Near You – 3 Tips for Same-day Treatment

Are you looking for Suboxone doctors near you because your regular doctor or family doctor can not prescribe Suboxone? Suboxone use that is not prescribed and custom-tailored for you by a qualified suboxone doctor can lead to health dangers. To avoid this, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Authority) has laid down strict rules that require all…

5 stages of addiction

Early 5 Stages of Addiction Most People Tend to Ignore

Fighting addiction is hard, and recognizing that you are suffering from it is even more challenging. What starts as fun and intentionally ignoring the 5 stages of addiction may lead to an unfulfilled life.  It’s true that addiction can happen to anyone regardless of background, ethnicity, or social status. Falling prey to substance dependence might…