Are You Looking for a Methadone Clinic in Paterson, NJ?

Side effects of Methadone are life-threatening enough to make our addiction doctors think they shouldn’t prescribe it to treat opioid addiction. 

Why wait in lines at a Methadone clinic when you can get rid of opioid addiction through much better, comparatively safe, and less dependent Suboxone? ChoicePoint’s online Suboxone prescription program is led by highly experienced doctors who understand the long-term and short-term side-effects associated with Methadone and thus prefer to prescribe Suboxone.

You can trust the doctors at ChoicePoint because our doctors are:

DEA Certified

ASAM Certified

ABAM Certified

Duly-licensed for Co-occurring Disorders

What Is Methadone Prescribed For?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid antagonist. Opioid addiction is now being considered a national crisis in the United States. Methadone can help with prescription opioid addiction (Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Morphine, etc.) and illegal opioids such as Heroin and Opium.

Why look for a Methadone clinic in Paterson, NJ, when you can get hassle-free online prescriptions of a much better drug, Suboxone, without leaving your house? To get your prescription, please contact us at 844.445.2563 or reach out to us online by scheduling this form.

Suboxone is prescribed to help patients overcome opioid addiction. It is known to:

Reduce the chances of relapse

Lesser risk of overdose

Reduce frequent cravings

Blocks the feelings of euphoria

Want a same-day Suboxone prescription? Contact us at 844.445.2563.

Side Effects of Methadone

According to the latest study, long-term use of Methadone can create liver injury, reduce attention span, and make users dependent. Other side effects of Methadone include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Depressed respiratory function
  • Seizures
  • Irregular heartbeat

Suboxone is considered the best alternative to Methadone. Don’t know how to get the same-day Suboxone prescription? Contact us at 844.445.2563, and we’ll arrange a Suboxone prescription for you.

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Paterson NJ Just a Click Away

Though Methadone is an excellent drug to treat opioid addiction, it has high abuse potential. But, you don’t need to be concerned because ChoicePoint prescribes updated FDA-approved medications with greater benefits and fewer side effects. 

Some of these medications include:

Naltrexone (Vivitrol)

It has lower abuse potential and is prescribed to treat both opioid and alcohol dependence.


A combination of Naloxone and Buprenorphine to block euphoric effects and cravings of opioids.


Injectable or spray to help with opioid overdose.


To help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to medications, we also recommend targeted therapy sessions to treat the cause of addiction. Our online therapy will help you cope with stress, anxiety, and depression and will help you overcome substance abuse.

Get Online Suboxone Prescription Today

With ChoicePoint telehealth addiction treatment programs, we can provide you high-quality treatment wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our telehealth Methadone clinic in Paterson, New Jersey, accepts all insurances, and you can verify your insurance now. To connect with a licensed doctor, please contact at 844.445.2563. You are also welcome to visit our North Jersey outpatient addiction treatment center at North Jersey, Fair Lawn in Bergen County, New Jersey.


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