As per the 2021 survey, overdose deaths in Virginia reached 1,478, marking a 17% increase from the 2019 figures. Substance abuse has evolved into a pressing national concern, with cases rising consistently. That’s why ChoicePoint steps up to address the demand for addiction treatment in Stafford, VA. Join our community and become a part of an exceptional addiction treatment program that combats addiction effectively right here in Stafford, VA.

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Importance Of Addiction Treatment In Stafford, VA

In Stafford, the alarming reality is that nearly 200,000 individuals are consuming alcohol at levels deemed risky or high. Additionally, the region has witnessed a sharp rise in drug-related deaths in recent times.

Present statistics reveal an unprecedented high, with 286 fatalities attributed to drug poisoning occurring between 2018 and 2020. In the face of these concerning trends, effective addiction treatment becomes crucial. ChoicePoint stands ready to play a crucial role in addressing these challenges and offering a solution through a virtual MAT program and supervised detox program


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Why Choose ChoicePoint Addiction Treatment In Stafford, VA For Your Recovery?

In the midst of many drug rehab centers in Stafford, VA. The choice is yours to make. Deciding on the right one needs thoughtful thinking, and we’re here to help. We’ve gathered important points to help you choose wisely:

Government-Licensed Expertise:

Is the center staffed with professionals licensed by the government for your treatment?
Does the center adhere to FDA-approved medication protocols?

DEA-Certified Excellence:

Can you count on DEA-certified doctors to oversee your recovery?
Does the center prioritize and execute comprehensive medical detox?

Addressing Complexity:

Does the center offer specialized dual diagnosis treatment for layered needs?
Does the center embrace an integrated framework, seamlessly weaving medical and psychological support?
ChoicePoint Addiction Treatment Program

ChoicePoint’s Addiction Treatment in Stafford, VA  stands out on all the above-mentioned points. Thus making it the right choice for your recovery.

What ChoicePoint’s Addiction Treatment in Stafford, VA Offers

Explore various treatment options at ChoiecPoint’s Addiction Treatment In Stafford, VA

1) Evidence-Based Therapies

Our addiction treatment programs are built on evidence-based therapies that have proven to be effective in helping individuals overcome addiction such as

We offer a comprehensive range of therapies to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction.

2) Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you’re facing addiction alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder, our dual diagnosis treatment approach is designed to address both challenges simultaneously. Our integrated care model ensures that you receive comprehensive support for your mental health and addiction recovery.

3) Virtual Treatment Options

In addition to our in-person services, we also offer virtual treatment options for those who prefer to receive care from the comfort of their own homes. Our virtual sessions provide the same level of care and support as our in-person programs, ensuring that you have access to treatment that suits your preferences and needs.

4) Safe Detoxification

At ChoicePoint, we ensure your safety during detoxification to minimize harm caused by substance use. When you decide to break free from addictive substances and face withdrawal, our detox program is here to ease these challenges.

5) Tailored Approaches

ChoicePoint delivers individualized intensive care guided by our skilled and licensed professionals, offering personalized treatment plans that suit your unique needs.

6) Guided Medication Treatment

ChoicePoint’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) incorporates FDA-approved medications to support your recovery journey. Our MAT services are even available virtually for your convenience.

Enroll in our tailored dual diagnosis program by contacting us directly at 844.445.2565 or using this form.

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