ChoicePoint Addiction Treatment Programs in Great Falls


At ChoicePoint, we offer both virtual and in-person addiction treatment programs to help you lead a productive and addiction-free lifestyle. Through both our programs, one can expect quality treatment without any discrimination.

Our personalized addiction treatment programs include:

           Easily accessible virtual treatments 

           FDA- approved medications to reduce drug and alcohol dependence 

          In-person addiction treatment and therapy 

          Return home after attending sessions at addiction treatment center

          To help with initial stages of recovery 

          Comprehensive, confidential, and individualized treatment 

          Safe treatment prioritizing you and your baby’s health 

          Holistic treatment that fits your academic schedule

          Treatment for both mental health and addiction 

          Overcome addiction and confinement associated traumas

ChoicePoint Addiction Therapy Services in Great Falls


addiction therapyChoicePoint offers innovative addiction therapy services to reduce the chances of relapse and to improve overall well-being. Our therapy sessions are carried out by experienced and licensed therapists who will help you rebuild your life.

Through our therapy sessions, we aim to treat the root cause of addiction so you can commit to lifelong sobriety.

Our targeted therapy sessions include:


To Improve thought process for a productive lifestyle 

           For Long Term Recovery

           One on one therapy sessions 

          For support, motivation, and encouragement

We may or may not provide telehealth treatment services in your county depending on the current COVID state and federal guidelines, as they are subject to change, for more information or if you are interested you can also visit our office at Montana

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