Long-term Marijuana abuse can have a devastating effect on a patient’s psychological health. Patients commonly experience depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Even after detox, many people relapse within a week. That is why at our Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell, MT, we provide Telehealth rehab that includes all of the resources required for complete recovery. 

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8 Signs of Marijuana Addiction

The following list contains the top most concerning indicators that you or a loved one is addicted to marijuana: 

  1. Experiencing mood swings, appetite loss, insomnia, or irritability.
  2. Over time, more marijuana is required to produce the desired effects.
  3. There has been no success in reducing or quitting marijuana use.
  4. Putting marijuana use ahead of responsibilities to family, job, or education.
  5. Becoming dependent on marijuana for daily functioning and going through withdrawals when trying to quit.
  6. Shunning social events and activities in favor of marijuana use.
  7. Ongoing concerns about abusing it accompany a strong desire or urge to use marijuana.
  8. Loss of interest in once-fun activities


Virtual Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell MT

Do you know that according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 9% of people who use marijuana develop an addiction? The discourse surrounding addiction treatment has changed dramatically in the last few years. The conventional obstacles to treatment are being removed as a result of technological breakthroughs and an increased awareness of the complexity of addiction. This is demonstrated by a Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center in Kalispell, Montana, which is leading the way in using telehealth addiction treatment to help those in need.

Take a look into what to expect at a Virtual Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell, MT: 

Initial Assessment

A team of qualified professionals will conduct an initial assessment at the start of the journey. His includes obtaining: 

  • a complete picture of the patient’s history
  • the severity of their addiction
  • their treatment objectives. 

This evaluation aids in creating a customized treatment strategy.

Virtual Intake Process

Through the use of safe online platforms, people go through a virtual intake process in which they: 

  • fill out forms
  • supply the required information
  • talk about logistical issues like scheduling and insurance verification

Individual Therapy Sessions

The cornerstone of the Virtual Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell MT consists of virtual therapy sessions, which give patients the chance to work one-on-one with certified therapists. In addition to addressing co-occurring mental health concerns, these sessions explore the root causes of addiction and help clients develop coping mechanisms for handling triggers and cravings.

Group Counseling

Online group counseling sessions offer a compassionate and encouraging setting where people can relate to others going through comparable struggles. Group sessions, led by skilled facilitators, promote accountability, comradery, and shared learning opportunities.

Medication Management

Virtual consultations with medical professionals are available for those in need of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to address cravings or withdrawal symptoms. With these consultations, medication is managed safely, effectively, and according to the needs of each individual.

Anyone looking for a Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell MT can begin their journey to an addiction-free life by participating in one of our detox programs. For more information, please call us at 844.445.2565


Benefits of Virtual Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell MT


The capacity of telehealth addiction treatment to transcend geographic boundaries is one of its most important benefits. Telehealth services provide qualified professionals’ knowledge to those in need in the comfort of their own homes in remote locations such as Kalispell, where access to specialized addiction treatment facilities may not always be adequate. 


By providing virtual appointments and flexible scheduling options, telehealth treatment removes all the logistical obstacles. People can easily fit therapy sessions into their daily routines without disrupting them, whether during a quiet evening at home or during their lunch break at work.

Privacy and Comfort

The stigma associated with Marijuana addiction can be a major deterrent for many people who want to seek treatment in Kalispell MT. People can discuss their concerns in a private, safe environment without worrying about being scrutinized or judged when they receive telehealth addiction treatment in Kalispell MT. People may feel more comfortable sharing their struggles and participating in therapy when they receive care in their homes.

Comprehensive Care

In contrast to conventional in-person treatment, the Virtual Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center In Kalispell MT provides an equivalent degree of comprehensive care. Through safe video conferencing, people can participate in ongoing support services, group counseling, medication management, and individual therapy sessions. Furthermore, telehealth care enables doctors to collaborate seamlessly, guaranteeing that each patient receives individualized, evidence-based care specific to their needs.

With limited resources and geographical barriers, many individuals struggling with addiction find themselves isolated and unable to seek help in Kalispell MT. This is why ChoicePoint extends its Telehealth services to all! To schedule an appointment, call 844.445.2565 or visit our website

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