ChoicePoint Individual Therapy Program in Ocean

Telehealth Addiction Treatment Center in new jersey

We understand that the key to self-directed sobriety lies in effective therapeutic strategies. If you are not comfortable opening up about your struggle in front of others, avail ChoicePoint’s individual therapy program.

Through this program, you can have improved mental health, reduced substance abuse, motivation, and encouragement to help you live a productive and addiction-free life.

Through this program, we offer:

Virtual Therapy Sessions

Increased accessibility

Private and Confidential Treatment

We respect your privacy

Personalized Treatment Plan

Tailored according to your unique needs

Reduced Relapse Chances

Sustainable recovery

We may or may not provide telehealth treatment services in your county depending on the current COVID state and federal guidelines, as they are subject to change, for more information or if you are interested you can also visit our office at 23-00 Rt. 208 Suite 2-9 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410