New Jersey is facing an alarming increase in deaths due to drug overdose. NJ state witnesses a drug use hike due to the effortless availability of heroin, opiate, and other drugs. The reason behind drug-induced deaths is not that we don’t have enough treatment providers in NJ, but the treatment approach followed in NJ drug rehab clinics isn’t personalized. 

Say you are an employee working 9 to 5 in the office to meet your family’s demands, then it will be difficult for you to initiate rehab that requires a 24/7 stay at the facility.

At ChoicePoint, the choice is available for patients who can’t commit to inpatient drug rehab NJ. We provide personalized addiction treatment programs that can be accessed virtually from anywhere in New Jersey or by visiting our NJ drug rehab center in Fair Lawn, Bergen County, New Jersey

Personalized Addiction Treatment Programs

ChoicePoint is famous in New Jersey for addiction treatment programs that fit best to your needs. Our DEA-certified addiction specialists and clinical psychologists carried out addiction screening. It helps them to understand your addiction dependence level, age, and physical health. After this, a personalized and cutting-edge drug rehab program is formulated for you.

More of Our Treatments Include:

Ambulatory Detox (ASAM Level I-D and II-D)

Outpatient Treatment (ASAM Level care of I)

Intensive outpatient treatment (ASAM Level of care 2.1)

Medication-Assisted Treatment (Suboxone, Vivitrol, Buprenorphine)

Targeted Therapy (CBT, DBT, Group and Individual Therapy)

Dual-diagnosis for Co-occurring Disorder

Want to learn more about ChoicePoint alternatives to inpatient drug rehab? Please call us at 844.445.2563 or visit our addiction treatment center at Fair Lawn, NJ.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment In New Jersey

Dual diagnosis treatment can help you recover from mental disorders as well as addiction problems. At ChoicePoint, we have one of the best dual disorder treatment programs in New Jersey that incorporates:

Medication-assisted Treatment

If you are looking for NJ drug rehab programs, you have to start medication-assisted treatment to cope with your physical aspects of addiction. We prescribe the following FDA-approved medications:

Licensed doctors prescribe medications at ChoicePoint. To learn more, give us a call at 844.445.2563.

Addiction Treatment Therapies

For lifelong recovery from drug addiction, you also need to address the hidden causes of addiction. ChoicePoint addiction treatment therapies have everything you need to address why you always feel craving for drugs. 

Medical Disclaimer:

ChoicePoint aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues. Our team of licensed medical professionals research, edit and review the content before publishing. However, this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For medical advice please consult your physicians or ChoicePoint's qualified staff.