ChoicePoint IOP Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Center in Burlington City

Telehealth Addiction Treatment Center in new jersey

Substance abuse is the misuse of any substances. It includes consuming more quantities of addictive substances than usual. These addictive substances include drugs, alcohol, and opioids.

Substance abuse is considered the first step towards developing an addiction. We can help you overcome substance abuse through:

We can help you overcome substance abuse through:

Medication-Assisted Treatment

FDA-approved medications to minimize cravings

Result-oriented Detox

To get rid of residual addictive substances

Aftercare Strategies

For a productive and sober lifestyle

Medical Counseling

For long term sobriety

We may or may not provide telehealth treatment services in your county depending on the current COVID state and federal guidelines, as they are subject to change, for more information or if you are interested you can also visit our office at 23-00 Rt. 208 Suite 2-9 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410.