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Telehealth Addiction Treatment Center in new jerseyFor those who need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction but who cannot commit to inpatient or even in-person treatment, ChoicePoint offers telehealth treatment. Remote addiction treatment is in no way a less-effective treatment option–in fact, there are benefits of telehealth that can make it an even more compelling route to recovery.

When you take advantage of our telehealth addiction treatment centers, you’ll find:







What Is Telehealth Addiction Treatment?

Today, online apps and other types of tools provide those in recovery with access to treatment and a virtual community. Telehealth is one such tool. The term refers to when medical services are delivered remotely over the phone or through the internet. With advanced technology readily available, telehealth services have become an effective and common form of treatment.

Those who use telehealth online resources will experience a wide variety of benefits.

  • They can access treatment from the comfort of their own homes
  • It’s possible to attend meetings and therapy sessions without facing potential barriers like transportation
  • Fewer associated costs
  • Treatment is flexible and can be made to fit any schedule
  • Clients can access telehealth at any time, from anywhere

At ChoicePoint, one reason we offer telehealth addiction treatment is that it removes many of the barriers to treatment. Some individuals can worry about privacy in treatment and how they will explain their time away to friends or coworkers. A virtual treatment option removes this worry. Telecare also makes treatment more widely available, primarily if you reside far away from care providers and urban centers. You even have the option to access treatment offered in different parts of the country.

Our Remote Addiction Treatment Program

For most individuals in rehab, recovery is built on the foundation of social support and community. However, due to social distancing requirements, social isolation is on the rise. This isolation, coupled with increasing anxiety and worries of financial instability, can threaten a person’s recovery. To help combat this worrying trend, more people are taking advantage of telehealth online resources in addiction treatment.

Telehealth can be used for nearly every level of addiction treatment. At ChoicePoint, every aspect of your treatment can be completed online. This includes:

Initial and ongoing assessments

Paperwork and billing

Group, individual, and family therapy sessions

Office visits

Through our telehealth program, any New Jersey resident can receive the help they need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Even if you travel out of state or if unexpected responsibilities come up, it’s possible to continue treatment without missing a session.

Don’t let fears hold you back from getting the help you need. In our remote addiction treatment programs, you’ll find a strong network of support, healthy coping skills, and accountability to help you maintain sobriety.

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ChoicePoint is dedicated to increasing access to treatment for those who struggle with substance abuse. Some of the specialized treatment programs we offer include:

Every ChoicePoint client receives a personalized treatment plan that is designed to help them reach their goals. Discover how we can help you overcome addiction by reaching out to our team at 844.445.2563 today.