ChoicePoint offers a number of addiction treatment centers throughout New Jersey. Our drug rehabs are designed to provide accessible, flexible treatment for all those who are ready to overcome substance abuse issues.

Through both virtual and in-person treatment options, we help those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues. Treatment should be personalized to the needs of the individual, and at ChoicePoint, we take every client’s goals into consideration.

Find the treatment you need. Our cutting-edge virtual addiction treatment options allow our clients to break free of addiction while continuing to take care of responsibilities at work and at home. And for those who want to attend in-person treatment, our spa-like treatment centers provide a peaceful, private environment in which to recover.

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Programs in Our Addiction Treatment Centers

There are as many approaches to treatment as there are individuals in need of care. In our treatment centers, we offer the following programs:

Medication-assisted treatment

While no medication can cure substance use disorder, some can help curb cravings and reduce withdrawals

Telehealth addiction treatment

Access treatment from anywhere with our exclusive virtual treatment options

Expecting mothers’ addiction treatment

We provide specialized treatment for pregnant women who are ready to build a better life for their child

LGBTQ addiction treatment

Compassionate care from therapists who understand the unique experiences of members of the LGBTQ community

Criminal justice addiction treatment

Those who are working to rebuild their lives can receive treatment that will help them achieve lasting sobriety

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addiction treatment center in new jerseyDo You Need Drug Rehab?

Typically, the signs of addiction fall into two categories: physical signs and psychological signs of substance abuse. Physical signs manifest themselves because the body has adapted to drug use. When a person stops using the drugs, the body will have to readjust itself back to functioning free of drugs. This process can be uncomfortable due to withdrawal symptoms, which can vary in severity. The psychological signs of addiction have to do with the individual’s mental state. Chemicals in drugs can alter cognitive function and cause lasting negative consequences.

If you’re not sure whether or not you would benefit from a medication-assisted treatment program, consider the following signs of addiction:


The more a person uses a drug, the more the body becomes familiar with the drugs. It reaches a point where a person has to take higher doses of the drug to feel its effects. At this point, we say that such a person has a tolerance to the drugs. This may indicate that they are developing an addiction.


Often, someone struggling with addiction will deny their drug use. They convince themselves that they are still in control of their habits. However, this is not always the case and is often just a means of reassuring themselves.

Mental health issues

If an individual becomes depressed or overly anxious when they don't take drugs, it is a red flag. This is a sign that they are slowly becoming addicts. Abstaining from drug use triggers feelings of anxiety or sometimes depression.

Lack of appetite

Some drugs can make you lose your appetite. Others will heighten your appetite. Experiencing these variations frequently, it may be a sign of addiction.

Problems in relationships

Many individuals who struggle with addiction hide their habits from loved ones. Secrecy, financial problems, and issues at work can all contribute to damaged relationships.

If you notice any of the above in yourself or a loved one, consider reaching out for help from ChoicePoint today.

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