Are You Looking for Essex County Drug Rehab?

ChoicePoint offers patient-friendly, result-oriented drug and alcohol recovery rehab programs for people looking for drug rehabs in Essex County, NJ. No matter what your substance dependence level is, we have personalized addiction treatment programs to help you initiate your journey towards recovery. 

ChoicePoint addiction treatment includes:

Ambulatory Detox (ASAM Level I-D and II-D)

Outpatient Treatment (ASAM Level care of I)

Intensive outpatient treatment (ASAM Level of care 2.1)

Medication-Assisted Treatment (Suboxone, Vivitrol, Buprenorphine)

Targeted Therapy (CBT, DBT, group and individual therapy)

Dual-Diagnosis for co-occurring disorder

People looking for Essex County drug rehab for themselves or loved ones face enormous difficulties finding high-quality drug rehab. Even if they find any, most treatment centers only treat addiction but not the underlying causes. 

At ChoicePoint, we have experienced clinical psychologists and addiction doctors to treat both addiction and co-occurring disorders.

So why wait further when you can reclaim your life from addiction by availing ChoicePoint’s Essex County drug rehab.

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Essex County, NJ

128 people die daily from Opioid addiction in the USA. Unfortunately, the situation is worse in Essex County too. In this situation, we find ourselves responsible for helping every patient in Essex county to get timely treatment. 

Apart from providing Essex County drug rehab, ChoicePoint provides telehealth medication-assisted treatment in Essex County, NJ, including FDA-approved medication to help patients recover from Opioid addiction. 

MAT Program Includes the Prescription of:




Call us at 844.445.2563 to avail the online prescription of Suboxone and other MAT medications.

Lifelong Recovery

Professional counselors at ChoicePoint are passionate about helping teens, elders, and people of every age group and community in Essex County, NJ, get the treatment they deserve without discrimination. Our main goal is not just to help you cope with existing symptoms of addiction but mitigate the effects of substance abuse on your mind and soul.

Medical Disclaimer:

ChoicePoint aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues. Our team of licensed medical professionals research, edit and review the content before publishing. However, this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For medical advice please consult your physicians or ChoicePoint's qualified staff.