Are you looking for an addiction treatment program for yourself or for a loved one? At ChoicePoint, we can help you begin treatment today. Through both in-person and telehealth options, we help clients discover life without drugs or alcohol. Discover what it is about ChoicePoint that sets us apart, from our compassionate team members to our individualized treatment plans.

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choicepoint addiction treatment locations new jerseyOur Treatment Programs

You’ll find comprehensive care at ChoicePoint’s addiction treatment centers.

Medication-assisted treatment

Behavioral health therapies

Expecting mothers’ addiction treatment center

LGBTQ addiction treatment center

Criminal justice addiction treatment center

Dual diagnosis treatment centers

In our spa-like treatment centers, you’ll find cutting-edge treatment and targeted therapies. We offer a safe place to work through the underlying causes of addiction, including past trauma. And through medication-assisted treatment (MAT), you can make it through the challenging early days of recovery without withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

We are committed to treating each client with respect and compassion. Many of our addiction treatment specialists are in recovery themselves and are uniquely equipped to help our clients recover.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most other forms of insurance. For clients who are uninsured, we will work to set up a payment plan. Investing in addiction treatment is an investment in your future.

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