If you are a healthcare provider and have a client who is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, ChoicePoint is here to help. While there are a number of qualified addiction treatment centers in the area, our treatment centers provide exceptional treatment through cutting-edge technologies and compassionate in-person care. We provide medication-assisted treatment, detox services, dual diagnosis treatment, and more.

ChoicePoint’s goal is to make treatment more accessible than ever. We work with referring professionals to ensure that every client receives personalized treatment for their unique needs. At ChoicePoint, we can help your client achieve long-term recovery.

Contact us today at 844.445.2563 to learn more about how to partner with us as a referring professional.

Referring ProfessionalsWhy Partner with ChoicePoint?

As a healthcare professional, why should you refer clients to our addiction treatment centers throughout NJ? ChoicePoint provides flexible, accessible treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, and every individual in our care receives an individualized treatment plan to help them break free from substance abuse. No matter if your client is struggling with alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, or an addiction to opioids, our targeted therapies and medication-assisted treatment can help.

In ChoicePoint’s exclusive treatment programs, you’ll find the following:

Effective intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment

Telehealth treatment that can be accessed anywhere

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and a number of insurance policies

A results-oriented approach to treatment

Medication-assisted treatment can help clients break free of substance abuse

Targeted therapy programs

Fast admissions process

We know that your clients lead busy lives and may not be able to commit to residential treatment. For that reason, we offer both outpatient and telehealth treatment programs. These allow clients to continue to take care of responsibilities at home or at work while receiving support from group therapy as well as medications that can assist in detox and relapse prevention.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

The ChoicePoint approach is unique and rooted in research. We meet clients where they are by offering telehealth services for addiction treatment. In our centers, you’ll find clinical, medical, and therapeutic services under one roof, and for our virtual clients, it’s possible to complete treatment completely online. This flexible approach helps the individuals in our care stay in treatment longer with lasting results.

To refer a client to ChoicePoint, simply reach out to us over the phone at 844.445.2563 or by fill out our online contact form. When you call, you’ll speak to a member of our admissions team who can tell you more about our programs and therapies, begin an evaluation, and start admitting your client.

Does Your Client Need Addiction Treatment?

Before referring a client to ChoicePoint, there are a few things to consider. You know them best, but how can you be sure that they would benefit from outpatient treatment at ChoicePoint?

Your client has requested a referral for addiction treatment

Your client has misused prescription drugs

Your client is struggling with both substance abuse and mental health issues

You’ve noticed behaviors consistent with doctor shopping or other methods of obtaining prescription medications

Contact ChoicePoint Today

If you are ready to begin referring your clients to ChoicePoint for addiction treatment, simply reach out to us today to learn more. For those who are not located near one of our centers, we can still provide treatment. Our telehealth services are designed to meet your clients wherever they are. Our treatment programs include:

  • Telehealth treatment program
  • Medication-assisted treatment program
  • Outpatient treatment program
  • Intensive outpatient treatment program
  • Detox treatment program

To learn more, contact our team at 844.445.2563 today.