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Treatment The Way You Need It

At ChoicePoint, we offer both in-person and virtual addiction treatment programs. These provide flexibility to our clients. For example, if you need to travel for business, have childcare responsibilities, or cannot come to our treatment center for any reason, all of your treatment can be completed online, including both medication-assisted treatment and therapy for substance abuse issues.

Treatment can begin right away. Schedule an appointment by contacting ChoicePoint at 844.445.2563 today.

What to have on hand when you call:

Full name (first, middle, last)

Date of birth

Social security number

Home address

Preferred contact phone number

Preferred contact email address

Health insurance coverage information

Other payment information

When you call, we’ll help determine which of our treatment programs is right for you.

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Learn more about our treatment programs by contacting our team. These programs include:

Clients receive both medication-assisted treatment and addiction therapy services to help them heal in both body and mind. And for those who are struggling with both mental health and substance abuse issues, we offer a dual diagnosis treatment program.

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