According to a report published at American Health Rankings, excessive Alcohol use is the third leading preventable cause of death in the US and led more than 20k New Jersey residents to get addiction treatment in 2019. The same report says that around 90000 people die every year due to direct alcohol abuse, and 29 people die every day due to injuries associated with alcohol abuse. 

Long term alcohol abuse lead to risks that include but are not limited to:



Suicidal Thoughts

Alcohol Dependence

So, if you are looking for an alcohol therapist in NJ, for you or your loved one, ChoicePoint DEA-certified addiction doctors and clinical psychologists will prepare a custom plan so you can achieve complete recovery.

Why Do You Need Alcohol therapy?

Usually, it is seen that patients with alcohol addiction start treatment, recover, for the time being, relapse within a week, and the circle continues. A problem can only be resolved if we focus on the hidden causes of the problem and see the holistic solutions. 

The same works with alcohol addiction too, treatment for physical symptoms can only give you relief quickly. For possible lifelong recovery, you have to work with alcohol therapies which will spend time with you to understand your body needs and the best recovery program. 

ChoicePoint NJ alcohol therapists have the experience, qualifications, and willpower to help anyone seeking alcohol addiction treatment in New Jersey. Want to learn more about ChoicePoint New Jersey alcohol therapists? Please call us at 844.445.2563.

Virtual and Outpatient Alcohol Therapist NJ

All our alcohol therapists NJ provide personalized alcohol recovery programs that you can access virtually from anywhere in New Jersey or by visiting our alcohol rehab center at Fair Lawn, New JerseyChoicePoint understands that not everyone has enough time to spend at a rehab clinic, so we provide an intensive outpatient program that you can even avail after work. 

The Schedule of our Alcohol therapists’ sessions for New Jersey residents is flexible enough to help you initiate alcohol addiction treatment without worrying about the time. Why delay further when alcohol addiction treatment is just a phone call away? Initiate your recovery by calling us 844.445.2563.

What Kind of Therapies Will be Included?

Our alcohol therapist in NJ provides the following therapies:

Our Clinic Location and Timings

Feel welcome to visit ChoicePoint, a cutting-edge addiction treatment center at Fair Lawn, New Jersey the complete address is 23-00 Rt. 208 Suite 2-9 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. We are open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Call us at [DIRECT] before visiting the clinic.

Medical Disclaimer:

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