Are you a veteran that’s struggling with addiction? You may be unsure of where or how to get the help you need.

At ChoicePoint, our team is here to provide comprehensive services in our veterans rehab center. Our veterans addiction treatment center offers the very best level of support for you no matter what type of drug you are facing or what your future looks like. You just need help with recovery for veterans. The ChoicePoint team can be there to support you.

Why Do You Need a Veterans Addiction Treatment Center?

person at a veterans addiction treatment centerA veteran goes through numerous challenges. Many of those challenges create long-lasting changes to your personality and mental health. When you face the turmoil of addiction and need help with recovery for veterans, you need a treatment provider that truly understands what you’re facing and has the tools and resources to help you. That’s where our veterans addiction treatment center can help you.

As a veterans rehab center, we can help you with the unique challenges you face, including:

  • Overcoming past trauma from military experiences
  • Providing you with support for depression or anxiety
  • Providing medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms and support recovery
  • Overcoming stereotypes and stigmas that may have limited your access to care
  • Creating a specialized treatment program to deal with the complications you are facing yourself

Our veterans rehab center works because we know what you are up against. We have helped many other people facing the same types of struggles you are. We have the tools, experience, and strategies to give you everything you need to thrive. All you have to do is to reach out to our program to learn more.

What Can You Expect from Our Veterans Rehab Center?

When it comes to recovery for veterans, each person that comes to see us will learn more about the services we offer as well as the type of care we can provide to you. Our team will provide an assessment and learn from you what your needs and goals are. We can then create an individualized addiction treatment program to address what’s happening to you. Some of our treatment programs include:

Our team aims to provide you with a fully digital service. That means we can work with you through telehealth to meet most of your needs. That includes helping you with medications to enable the detox process and to reduce your symptoms of withdrawal. You’ll also be able to work with us on depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health conditions you may have at our dual diagnosis treatment center. It can all be done in the safety of your home through telehealth services.

Are You Ready for Change and Recovery for Veterans?

You’ve gone through a lot and seen even more trauma than you should. Deciding to get help for your addiction may seem like a hard one, but it is actually the easiest decision you’ll make for your future health. There’s no pressure here, but there is a lot of understanding of what you’re facing. Our veterans addiction treatment center is ready to support your healing. All you have to do is reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you.

Ready to Get Help? ChoicePoint Is Here to Help You

As a veterans addiction treatment center, ChoicePoint is dedicated to helping vets find the support they need to overcome their biggest challenges. Our veterans rehab center offers the best treatment team and the most innovative addiction services to meet each of your needs. Recovery for veterans is possible when you have a dedicated location like this. To learn more, call our team at 844.445.2563 or reach out to us online now.