At ChoicePoint, we offer outpatient addiction treatment services in New Jersey. Our medication-assisted treatment center makes it possible for you to stay at home during recovery. MAT combines therapy and medications to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. This makes recovery safer for clients and promotes lifelong sobriety. Further, therapy and other services are available remotely through our telehealth services program.

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What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

group at a medication assisted treatment centerAccording to SAMHSA, medication-assisted treatment involves the use of medications along with counseling to provide treatment to those with substance use disorders. Medications used in a MAT program have received the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, the programs at ChoicePoint strictly follow federal regulations.

Effective ways to treat substance abuse disorders must include safe treatment without the stigma associated with the medications used to make recovery easier. Our medication-assisted treatment center provides professional counseling and matches clients up with MAT medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, the ambulatory nature of our service provides privacy and discretion to our clients.

The FDA has approved three drugs for opioid use disorder: methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. These medications have provided safe, effective vehicles for long-term recovery. Combined with psychosocial support and counseling, a MAT program can save lives.

It’s important to note that MAT programs cannot provide a miracle cure. Some clients stay on approved medications indefinitely. However, this prevents relapse to more harmful substances and our outpatient format allows you to pursue a productive life.

Do MAT Programs Work?

When you receive treatment at a medication-assisted treatment center, you have access to the same therapy and treatment plans as more intensive programs. Research shows that combining medication with therapy can help those struggling with addiction realize long-term recovery. After you’re sober, a MAT program makes it easier to sustain a drug-free life.

Much of the success of the program depends on your determination to make it work. With the right support system around you and the help of our intensive outpatient program, you can make it. Additionally, our supportive community stands behind you every step of the way so that you don’t feel alone.

Many clients come to our medication-assisted treatment center to recover from opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin. We provide medication that blocks the effects of alcohol and opioids. It also reduces your cravings. Through these medications, you can avoid the negative consequences of kicking your habit.

What to Expect at a Medication-Assisted Treatment Center

At our medication-assisted treatment center, you will receive clinically effective medication to assist with detoxification and recovery from substance use disorders. Further, MAT provides a holistic framework that allows you to receive therapy and medical assistance as part of the same program.

MAT program assists you with developing a self-directed life of sobriety and free of drugs. Participating in this program has shown the following results:

  • Improves client chances of survival
  • Improves recovery longevity
  • Reduces illicit use of alcohol and drugs
  • Improves the ability to gain and keep employment

The medications and therapy available at ChoicePoint may also decrease your chances of contracting hepatitis C, HIV, and other communicable diseases related to continued drug use.

Our MAT Program in New Jersey

ChoicePoint has special programs for expecting mothers, professionals, members of the LGBTQ community, and those living with mental health disorders in addition to substance use disorders. Contact us at 844.445.2563 today to find out more about all the clinical services available under our roof. You can also receive remote treatment to help you juggle work and family life with your recovery needs.