Addiction to drugs or alcohol can present a unique challenge to members of the LGBTQ community. Many individuals who struggle with addiction never seek out treatment, potentially because they are worried about cost, accessibility, or the perceived stigma of going to an addiction treatment center.

ChoicePoint offers an LGBTQ addiction treatment center that provides personalized treatment. We provide programs that take into account the needs and experiences of our LGBTQ clients and address the underlying causes of addiction, which could include family issues, past trauma, or experiences with homophobia.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is more accessible than ever through ChoicePoint’s exclusive telehealth treatment programs. 100% of your program can be completed virtually, making it possible to remain in treatment long-term no matter where you are.

Find out how ChoicePoint’s LGBTQ addiction treatment program can help you recover. Contact us today at 844.445.2563.

What Are the Benefits of an LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Center?

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Center in new jersey

Those in the LGBTQ community are more likely than the general population to struggle with substance abuse. Some of the causes of this discrepancy include discrimination from a non-affirming school or workplace or rejection from friends or family. While society seems to be more supportive of LGBTQ rights than ever before, many individuals have experienced private discrimination and rejection.

These experiences can be traumatizing. For some, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol is one way they have learned to cope with negative emotions and experiences. However, this habit can spiral out of control into substance abuse and addiction.

Additionally, co-occurring issues can also contribute to drug and alcohol addiction. These include mental health issues such as:



Bipolar disorder


Mental health issues and substance abuse can turn into a dangerous cycle. At ChoicePoint, we can treat both conditions at the same time through a dual diagnosis program. Learn more by contacting us at 844.445.2563 or view our locations to find a center near you.

Our LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Programs

In our LGBTQ addiction treatment program, you’ll find compassionate care from experienced professionals. We understand that there are as many approaches to addiction treatment as there are individuals who struggle with substance abuse, and for that reason, we create personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. One reason why our LGBTQ addiction treatment program works is that we understand the specific issues that members of this community face.

We incorporate the following into our treatment plans:

Group therapy

Learn from the experiences of recovery-focused peers

Individual therapy

Work through the underlying causes of addiction and build healthy coping skills

Family therapy

Education can help your loved ones learn how to best support you in recovery, and counseling can help rebuild relationships

Medication-assisted therapy

Certain medications can help relieve withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings

Our clients develop a strong network of support during regular group meetings. One of the benefits of our virtual treatment option is that clients can consistently attend treatment wherever they are. If you need to travel for work, take care of responsibilities at home or at school, or can’t make it to our treatment center due to transportation issues or other problems, it’s possible to continue treatment without interruption.

Contact ChoicePoint Today for Treatment

Build a better life for tomorrow by contacting our team today. Our LGBTQ addiction treatment center provides personalized, compassionate care for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. In addition to this treatment program, we provide the following specialized programs:

Find out more about our approach to treatment, our programs, and our admissions process by reaching out to ChoicePoint at 844.445.2563.