Expecting mothers can face unique challenges in receiving help for drug or alcohol addiction. Society can make it difficult for an expecting mother to reach out for treatment due to a fear of what others will think, and it’s common for pregnant women who struggle with substance abuse to feel guilty or to have unanswered questions about how treatment will impact their baby.

At ChoicePoint, we offer compassionate treatment for expecting mothers who are working to overcome addiction. We know what an exciting yet challenging time this can be, and our therapists, counselors, and addiction treatment specialists are experienced in helping this vulnerable population take back their lives from substance abuse.

Because ChoicePoint offers telehealth addiction treatment in addition to in-person services, it’s possible to receive the support you need without uprooting your life. Contact us at 844.445.2563 to learn more and to find a treatment center near you.

The Benefits of an Expecting Mothers’ Addiction Treatment Program

Why choose an addiction treatment program designed specifically for expecting mothers? First, it’s important to know the dangers of substance abuse while pregnant. Drug and alcohol addiction during pregnancy can have dangerous short and long-term effects on your child, including an increased risk of stillbirth or miscarriage and developmental issues.

By entering a program created for pregnant women, you’ll find specialized care from compassionate professionals. Their goal is to help you build a better life for your child, and that includes one that is free from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s important to enter a treatment program for detox, as well, as withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous for you and your child without medical support.

Some of the benefits of an expecting mothers’ addiction treatment program include:

  • A strong network of support from other recovery-focused peers
  • Pregnancy education and counseling
  • Life skills training and employment counseling

Finally, for many women, a gender-specific treatment program is crucial for success in treatment. In a women’s addiction treatment program, there are fewer distractions, and group therapy sessions can focus on issues that specifically impact women.

Expecting Mothers Addiction Treatment Center in new jerseyOur Women’s Addiction Treatment Programs in NJ

In our women’s addiction treatment program, you’ll receive personalized care from experienced team members. During pregnancy, many women experience stress, anxiety, and even bouts of depression which can lead them to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. In our program, clients receive comprehensive care that treats both substance abuse and mental health issues to promote lasting recovery.

Every client in our care receives a unique treatment plan to help them reach their goals. Some of what we might incorporate into these plans includes:

Medication-assisted treatment

Certain medications can help relieve withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings

Individual therapy

Develop healthy coping skills and work through the underlying causes of addiction

Group therapy

Learn from the experiences of others in recovery

Medical support

We’ll ensure that you and your baby are both safe throughout your journey to recovery

The best part of choosing ChoicePoint is that some or all of your treatment can be completed virtually. We’ve removed all the barriers to treatment so that you can focus on recovering for yourself and for your child.

Take back your life and build a better future–reach out to ChoicePoint today.

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In addition to our expecting mothers’ addiction treatment program in New Jersey, we offer a wide range of treatment programs and services to help individuals from all walks of life recover. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful, spa-like environment in which to receive treatment or you want the convenience of virtual treatment, ChoicePoint can help.

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