Many of those who are involved in the criminal justice system struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. And for some, incarceration does not give them a chance to go through a treatment program to overcome substance abuse issues.

It can be difficult to maintain sobriety while incarcerated or when working on rebuilding your life. If you or someone you love is involved in the criminal justice system and is ready to take back their life from addiction, ChoicePoint’s criminal justice addiction treatment center can help. We offer treatment both virtually and in-person in order to meet each client where they are. Through individual and group therapy alongside medication-assisted treatment, it’s possible to achieve lasting, meaningful recovery.

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Why Choose a Criminal Justice Addiction Treatment Center?

Criminal Justice Addiction Treatment Center in new jerseyWhy is it necessary to enter into treatment at a center that offers a program specifically for those involved in the criminal justice system? At ChoicePoint, our therapists, counselors, and addiction treatment specialists understand the unique challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals face. Finding employment, maintaining sobriety, and rebuilding relationships can make the early days after release a challenge. For many, the period following release is a time where it can be easy to relapse. A specialized treatment program can help you maintain sobriety and develop the skills you need for lifelong recovery. During treatment, clients might take part in:

Medication-assisted treatment

Telehealth treatment

Group therapy

Individual therapy

Family therapy

Dual diagnosis treatment

No two individuals have walked the same path into drug or alcohol addiction, and their treatment plans should reflect this. For those in the criminal justice system, treatment needs to take into account their unique experiences. At ChoicePoint, we are experienced in helping those who have formerly been incarcerated heal from the mental and physical effects of incarceration and substance abuse.

Criminal Justice Addiction Treatment from ChoicePoint

What can you expect in our criminal justice addiction treatment program? First, all clients go through a thorough assessment and evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to create a personalized treatment plan to help each client meet their unique needs. For those involved in the criminal justice system, a treatment plan might focus on both overcoming drug or alcohol addiction and building needed life skills. These could include:

  • Behavioral health treatment
  • Financial management education
  • Employment readiness training
  • Community service work

Many of those who come to ChoicePoint for treatment also struggle with mental health issues. Our dual diagnosis treatment program helps those who face depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues alongside substance abuse. By treating both conditions at the same time, we can help you break the dangerous cycle that can be caused by addiction and mental health issues.

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If you’re working on rebuilding your life from time spent in the criminal justice system, or even if you are concerned that drug and alcohol addiction is leading you down a difficult path, reach out to ChoicePoint. Our criminal justice services in New Jersey include personalized treatment plans, ongoing support, and help with finding employment. And if you are unable to attend meetings in one of our addiction treatment centers, it’s possible to participate in treatment online through our telehealth treatment program.

It’s the right time to begin treatment. Start on the road to recovery today by contacting ChoicePoint or finding a location near you. Calling us at 844.445.2563 today could lead you to a better tomorrow.