ChoicePoint IOP Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Absarokee

Telehealth Addiction Treatment Center in new jersey

If you are consuming more alcohol and can not commit to cutting back, ChoicePoint can help you overcome both. Our result-oriented alcohol addiction treatment will help you recover from addiction.

Our comprehensive treatment plan includes targeted therapy sessions in addition to medication-assisted programs. We also provide personalized treatment for alcoholism and alcohol use disorder.

Some steps you can expect in our treatment includes:

Medical Diagnosis

Authentic diagnosis by medical experts

Alcohol Detox

To reduce the chance of relapse

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

To improve social functioning

Medical Counseling

For long term sobriety

We may or may not provide telehealth treatment services in your county depending on the current COVID state and federal guidelines, as they are subject to change, for more information or if you are interested you can also visit our office at Montana.

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